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Supervision and Coaching

Supervision and Coaching

Working with us 1:1 

Christina and Lindsey are available for 1:1 support in the form of Supervision or Personal Coaching.


Supervision is a structured and collaborative relationship for developing awareness and dealing with issues that arise within counselling or coaching sessions. 

The benefits of good supervision with a dedicated supervisor provides the opportunity for practitioners to:

  • Reflect on what in happening in reality and gain self awareness

  • Look at the relationship that develops between practitioner and client

  • Pay attention to how that relationship either hinders or helps the results achieved

  • Reflect on the unconscious material that emerges between practitioner and client

  • Focus on how the practitioner engages with their client to co-create success

  • Keep clear boundaries, avoiding entanglement

  • Get straightforward feedback

1:1 Coaching

Private coaching provides the opportunity for you to have dedicated time to connect, or re-connect, with yourself and focus on an outcome that is important to you. You can bring any topic to coaching. There are no taboo topics. You can talk to us about anything. If you're stuck, anxious, confused or just plain going round and round in circles please reach out to us.

Chrysalis Process

Christina has developed a 2-day intensive programme which blends several of the most powerful change methods from the coaching world. During the Chrysalis Process clients begin with a persistent issue, often something they have already had feedback from others about or something they have already noticed about themselves. 

The energy that is needed to hold a limitation in place is extensive and it shows up as an unwanted belief, attitude or behaviour, about self or others. Releasing this limitation releases energy back into the body and mind and increases self-awareness. By the end of the process clients are free of the limitations and able to perform from a place of authenticity and freedom. 


The process is generative, and clients notice positive results in many areas of their lives. In other words, after an intense, relatively short period of inner work a transformation takes place, which is why it's called the Chrysalis Process

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