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Training in
The ChrisLin Method

Welcome to our Accredited Training Course 


Our course is designed to give you a fully immersive experience in The ChrisLin Method where you will have the time to experience and practice techniques that will help you work with your clients to unlock their unhelpful emotions. 


  • The programme is designed to develop your repertoire of methods which will enhance the way you work with your clients.


  • As you will be working as both client and practitioner on this course you will also be working on your own relationship with the topics we cover, and gaining some deep personal development.


  • This course is 12 hours long split over 4 days. See SHOP page for dates. 


  • We will be inputting some theory on creativity and introducing you to a variety of ways of working creatively with clients, both virtually and face to face.

  • The course will be highly participatory and experiential and will include sharing what you are experiencing and learning, and what you are able to extrapolate from your work.

  • Keeping a journal of your experience is highly recommended so you are able to bring this into the group for sharing. We believe we all learn from one another's experiences.

  • Your commitment will be to 12 hours of group time on the course dates and also paired work with other participants during the week between the course dates.   


  • There is also an optional Free 2 hours of Supervision that you can sign up to, if you would like to participate.


We have had a lot of interest and expect the course to fill up quickly so if you want to gain a place please fill in the Application Form below. 


Preference will be given to people who have fully participated in at least one of our workshops.



Who is it for?

  • Counsellors, Art Therapists & Coaches

  • Psychotherapists and psychologists

  • Other therapists and health workers

  • Individuals wanting to attend for personal development 

What will I gain?

  • Confidence to introduce a client to creative methods

  • The ChrisLin Questions and how to ask them for maximum effect

  • Ways to apply other creative techniques in different contexts

  • Discover the structure beneath the metaphors 

  • How to keep clients engaged in the process

  • Personal development as you practise with others in the group

  • Several complete Frameworks for working with specific behaviours

  • An abundance of tools

  • A free Starter Kit of creative tools

  • A full workbook of information post Training 

  • CPD certificate authorised by the Association for Coaching



This course is 12 hour long, over 4 days with an optional 2 hour group supervision session.

Please see the Shop page for dates. 

How much is it?

The fee is £400 for the full 12hour course.  You can book and pay on our Shop

OR to arrange an optional payment plan - see below.

Payment Plan 

You can pay all at one go by visiting the Shop or you can opt for the payment plan below. 

Deposit £100   Payable to secure a place

50% of balance payable 2 weeks before the course

50% of balance payable 1 week after the course ends


We want our workshops and courses to be accessible to as many practitioners as possible, and so if this does not feel affordable to you please let us know so we can discuss alternative payment plans / options with you. 

Please do read the cancellation policy - it's important!

Cancellation Policy


50% of Deposit will refunded if you advise us on or before, 21 days before the start of the course

0% of Deposit will be refunded if you advise us between 7-14 days before the start of the course  


Course fee's

Less than 7 days before the course -  Non cancellable. If you cancel or do not show up to the first day of training you will lose the full deposit AND will be committed to pay the full balance.

Complete Application


How do I Apply?

To secure a place please fill in the Application Form

We have had a lot of interest already and expect the course to fill up quickly so if you want to gain a place please fill in this Application form and send it to


Preference will be given to people who have fully participated in at least one of our workshops.

I'm not ready to sign up, but I'm still interested

To be added to our list so that you stay up to date on what's happening with the training course and our workshops please send an email Christina on 

Accredited CPD Hours

AC CPD.png

Association for Coaching CPD Certificate - Training

For those who complete the 12/14 hour ChrisLin Training with us we can issue an Association for Coaching Recognition of Continuous Professional Development Training Certificate 

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