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Helping people become ‘unstuck’ in their thinking is often one of the biggest challenges for leaders and managers.  


Most ‘stuck’ problems need something different to happen to break the deadlock and this means giving others the opportunity to find new ways of looking at the issue.


The challenge is knowing what needs to happen. Einstein famously commented ‘You don’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.’

We believe in this maxim, which is why we help leaders and managers to use easy and creative ways to break the deadlock in their own thinking and those of others by using techniques that switch-on and empower the right, creative-side of the brain, to get involved in finding new ways to solve problems.

Coaching Conversations help leaders and managers learn the art of coaching.


  • Build your coaching skills

  • Practice and receive coaching 

  • Learn how to ask questions that move the individual or collective thinking along

  • Learn how to empower others to find solutions themselves rather than you 'rescuing' the situation 

  • Learn how to use alternative ways, other than the spoken word, to surface new ideas, insights and perspectives

For more information on Coaching Conversations workshops please contact Christina or Lindsey