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We recognise that ...

Counsellors, Therapists and Coaches work in many different ways, with a broad range of clients and are interested in a variety of models and approaches, so we aim to provide something of interest for everyone .... from Inner Child to Drama Triangle!

Our workshops provide examples of working creatively with clients that you can take immediately into your practice room and help clients who are working through their issues of trauma, imposter syndrome, anxiety, shame and other unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns. 

All our workshops are experiential, which means, you will experience the creative method yourself and work alongside us as well as with fellow participants to really feel the power of these creative interventions. 

During the workshops we introduce you to a unique creative method for addressing a specific behaviour and some of the 9 Core Questions from the ChrisLin Method. For a much deeper dive into the ChrisLin Method, to understand the 5 Steps for successfully working creatively with clients and to truly understand the 9 Core Questions, please consider joining our Training Course. 

All our workshops are 2 hours long

Each workshop introduces a new and exciting creative method to explore a specific topic that will help you on your personal and professional development journey. 


To Book on our workshops please visit Onlinevents

All our workshops are hosted by Onlinevents, a fabulous online CPD platform offering an extensive range of highly professional and valuable workshops.


To join our 2 hour workshops please view Onlinevents where you can join practitioners from around the globe on our popular sessions. 

It's important for you to know that you will be experiencing the creative methods first-hand (these sessions are not webinars) and working on yourself and your relationship with the topic you have selected. We ask that you fully engage in order to get the most out of our time together, as well as doing your part to support other people who are joining us on the day. In order to do this we recommend you have your video on, to get the most out of these Zoom sessions, and provide a safe environment for everyone.


Missed a Workshop?

To catch up on topics you have missed you can access recordings of the sessions from Onlinevents.  Go to List of Recordings

Many of our workshops have been recorded and are available on Onlinevents for £9.99. 

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We run short Workshops from time to time with Creative Counsellors. If you are a member you can access past recordings via the membership hub.  


If you want to know more about Creative Counsellors please visit their Facebook page for more information Creative Counsellors

CPD Hours

Onlinevents provide a CPD Certificate and copies of our presentation material after attending a workshop.

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