We recognise that Counsellors and Coaches work in many different ways, with a broad range of clients and are interested in a variety of approaches, so regardless of whether you are a coach or a counsellor you are welcome to join any of the Workshops below


For Counsellors 

10.00 - 12.00

All workshops are 2 hours long

7th January

28th January 

11th February

23rd February

1st April

6th April

20th May

8th June

6th July

3rd August

14th September

5th October



Imposter Syndrome

Creating Strong Boundaries

Looking in the Mirror of Blame

Anxiety - Separating Imagination from Reality

The Practitioners Role - Shifting from Witness to Catalyst

Resourcing the Inner Child

Releasing the Load of Shame

The Fantasy of Regret

Breaking the Grip of Anger

Big steps in Unsticking Guilt

For Coaches 

12.00 - 14.00

All workshops are 2 hours long

15th March

5th April

10th May

7th June

5th July

2nd August

13th September

4th October

8th November

6th December

Cultivating the GROW model 

Shifting Gestalt in 3 creative steps

Breaking the pattern of the Drama Triangle

Changing Chairs Creatively

Unlocking the language of Limiting Beliefs

Anxiety - Shifting from Imagination to Reality

Overcoming Interpersonal Clashes

The Practitioners Mindset - Handling Stuck Thinking

Standing Up to the Imposter Syndrome

Finding the Voice of Power

In each workshop we introduce a new and exciting creative technique to explore the topics below. We help you take a refreshing new look that will help you on your personal and professional development journey. 


We run these workshops as small groups because we are working deeply together and we feel we all benefit from it being a smaller group.

All our workshops are up to 2 hours long.

It's important for you to know that you will be experiencing the creative techniques first-hand (these sessions are not webinars) and working on yourself and your relationship with these topics. We ask that you fully engage in order to get the most out of our time together, as well as doing your part to support other people who are joining us on the day. In order to do this you will need both video and audio whilst on the Zoom session.

CPD Hours

CPD Certificate of Attendance is available upon request for those who are adding to their professional learning 

CPD Logo Assoc for Coaching.png

Association for Coaching CPD Certificate - Workshops

For those who complete 12 hours (6 workshops) with us we can issue an Association for Coaching CPD Certificate 

Association for Coaching CPD Certificate - Training

For those who complete the 12/14 hour ChrisLin Training with us we can issue an Association for Coaching Recognition of Continuous Professional Development Training Certificate 

AC CPD.png