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Creativity is a helpful way for people to explore their thought patterns and behaviours and look more deeply into what has shaped their lives 

Book by 15th July or 30th Sept  2024

If you plan to come on your own, with or a friend or colleagues, or as a group you can take advantage of the Advance Booking offer on all of our Training Courses in 2024. 

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information: see our Shop page 

If you're a ...


Counsellor, coach, art therapist or other kind of therapist working virtually or face to face, come and explore how creativity opens up a whole new channel within you, and your clients, and provides a new vocabulary with which to explore what’s going on

Join us to experience the ChrisLin Method first hand

Working with
The ChrisLin Method 

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The ChrisLin Method is an approach developed by Christina and Lindsey that enables practitioners to work successfully using Creative techniques with their clients.


It offers a unique way of working with the client's imagery and a questioning method that centres wholly on the creative piece.  By following this approach practitioners are able to help clients uncover their inner thoughts, values and beliefs that are 'out of view', in their unconscious, and come to understand, and most importantly change, the impact on their thinking patterns, behaviours and mental wellbeing. 

The ChrisLin Method comprises 5 Steps and 9 Core Questions plus a variety of Frameworks for working creatively with certain emotions and behaviours. Please see our Shop for more information. 

You can experience and learn more about The ChrisLin Method during our 12 hour Accredited Training Course where we dive into the structure of the Method and a variety of ways of working creatively so you can develop further skills such as working with layers, components, language and much more. 

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In this 12 hour course you’ll participate in creative methods that support your professional and personal development.

By experiencing them for yourself, and working on areas that are important to you, you'll feel the real power of working creatively and how it opens up new perspectives.

And that means you will feel confident and comfortable asking your client to do the same.

Training in
The ChrisLin Method 

"At the edge between the known and the unknown there is a fertile place, full of possibility. Playing at the end can lead us to experience fresh new learning, creativity, joy and wonder"

Steven D'Souza and Diana Renner

Accredited CPD 

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Association for Coaching CPD Certificate - Training

For those who complete the 12/14 hour ChrisLin Training with us we can issue an Association for Coaching Recognition of Continuous Professional Development Training Certificate 


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Workshops are 2-hours long where we introduce a new and exciting Framework to explore the kind of unhelpful emotions that frequently turn up in the practice room. We take a refreshing new look to help you on your personal and professional development journey. 

All our workshops are hosted on Onlinevents which is a global CPD platform for practitioners.

What others say 

"I have used your ways of working online and face to face. The Anger shapes, Boundaries and the Shame pebbles particularly. Amazing when a few weeks later a client picked up the same decorated pebble and was surprised not to feel the same depth of shame and said he would now choose a lighter pebble."

"A client couldn’t understand why I mentioned her parents divorce that we had used your Anger shapes with, as she felt it wasn’t an issue... it had been a main issue causing such depression but it was no longer there ! It’s almost magical what I have seen using your techniques. I love them."

“What makes squiggles on a sheet of paper not just colour, shapes, curves, lines, dots and dashes? When you can translate them into a language that enables you and others to understand your state, your emotions, your thoughts, relationship with yourself and the world outside of you.” 

Facilitating lasting transformation 

Do your clients ....

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  • Have emotional blocks that are preventing them from getting the outcomes you are working towards?

  • Do you want more confidence to help your clients make the emotional shifts they need to make?

  • Have clients who struggle to speak about their issues

  • Recognise that some clients don't respond to logic

  • Do you have an interest in the use of metaphor and neuroscience?

  • Do you want creativity back into your own life?

After our workshops & training 

  • Have the knowledge to enable transformational breakthroughs to happen

  • Be confident offering creativity as an intervention

  • Gain better results with your clients and feel more satisfied within yourself

  • Your clients have a stronger and longer lasting connection to their outcome 

  • Genuinely helping people transform their lives for the better

  • Realise your own potential as a practitioner 

  • Have the ability to apply creativity when and where it's needed

Do I have to be artistic?

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No, no artistic ability is required by you or your client.

Don't worry, you don't have to be 'artistic' to get the benefit from these workshops or training!

We trust that you will be as creative as you need to be in the moment. Drawing squiggles on a page is all the ability you need! 

It's about using alternative ways, other than the spoken word, to express what's going on  - using colour, shapes, writing and other inspiration including the natural world to explore thoughts and behaviours and find a deeper understanding. 

By experiencing the ChrisLin Method, you will understand how the tools and Frameworks work and how powerful they can be in providing you, or your clients, with an opportunity to find new perspectives and gain new insights that help create a positive shift.

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