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Development Group

This Group is for those who have been on our Workshops or Training and wish to continue the learning experience by being part of a community of like-minded practitioners 

Our Community

Christina and Lindsey welcome you to this community and we look forward to your company soon !


We run these informal meetings periodically throughout the year and introduce a new topic of interest to discuss and explore at each meeting.


This is a joint learning forum and we encourage fellow practitioners to bring their own questions and share their own experiences of working creatively.


We hope that this provides a happy space for us all to share, learn, make new connections and feel a sense of community. 

This is a space where:

  • We meet for 2 hours, 4 times a year 

  • The meetings will be driven largely by the participants and their desire to learn

  • We will introduce topics for discussion and ongoing learning  

  • We will have time to explore specific aspects of working creatively

  • Participants can develop their knowledge and skills

  • Participants can talk, discuss and share ideas and approaches 

  • There may be demos and practice time

Membership is open to anyone who has been on our Workshops or our Training Course


All the dates are show on our Shop page

We will only run a Group if we have 6 or more people registered. 


Membership: £37 per meeting

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