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The ChrisLin Method

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Over the years, we have noticed that relatively few practitioners use creativity as part of their regular practice. This maybe because practitioners only encounter it during their training if they are on an art therapy course or have attended one of the more progressive humanistic courses. To our mind, this is a great shame and deprives the trainee of a beneficial technique that can make an enormous difference to the client’s journey. And one that can frequently shorten that journey.

Creatively really comes into its own when it assists the client to bypass their conscious mind, where all the current thinking and belief is enacted, and allows them to look at the underlying beliefs and values that are really driving their behaviour. 

By writing this book, we hope to encourage you to use creativity and give you the confidence to use The ChrisLin Method with your clients. We aim to present it in a simple and straightforward way and provide enough information so you can:


  • Understand how creativity works.

  • Know when to offer creativity to your clients.

  • Be confident in using The ChrisLin Method as an intervention.

  • Learn how to work with your client’s creation.


Primarily, what we share in this book is based on empirical evidence from our own experiences and the results reported by other practitioners. But it is also highly influenced by our own personal approach to our work, founded in the humanistic, pluralistic and person-centred schools of thought. 

We aim to give enough information so you understand The ChrisLin Method and how it is applied and can become confident with the approach.

The book explains and expands on the 5 Steps needed to work successfully with clients and the 9 Core Questions that you can use in any session to help a client uncover their unconscious beliefs and thought patterns, and move on from them. In addition the book provides case studies of real clients to demonstrate the application of the ChrisLin Method , the 9 Core Questions as well as supplementary questions specifically aimed at working with Anxiety, Anger and Boundaries. 

I love how client-led the book is and the use of so many approaches but also how fluid it is and ‘roomy’

while still being a safe space for practitioners, full of encouragement for creativity and curiosity. So many

other coaching models can put clients and coaches in boxes and be very transactional – the ChrisLin Method

is generous, welcoming. 

Anna Coach, Business Coaching Psychologist

Whether you previously thought of

yourself as creative or not, the ChrisLin Method will enable you to add this depth to your practice. They offer

easy-to-follow tools and structures to encourage practitioners to use creativity to access a client’s emotions

and unconscious mind in a safe and supportive way.

Amanda, Executive Coach

This will be a book I refer back to again

and again. I have found this method to be a ‘go to’ when a client is stuck with something that seems to be a

mystery, as so often happens in client work. This book clearly encapsulates the process and leads the reader

through step by step.

Fiona, Integrative Counsellor 

Creativity is a vital ingredient in our ability to change and grow – or to get unstuck. 

You will find lots of innovative and practical ideas

in this well-presented book, and I recommend it to anyone involved in facilitating change.

Penny Tompkins, Psychotherapist, creator of Symbolic Modelling ​

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