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Paying with PayPal  


You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. When you click to pay, PayPal will give you the option of paying by Credit or Debit card, or, your PayPal account. This option is not always visible on mobile phones, but can been seen on laptops and desk top computers. 

Paying for Training 

There are two ways of paying for our Training Courses. You can pay the full amount all in one go, by selecting the Training Course from the dates below. Or, you can pay by instalments.

For more information about the course and the payment plan please see here

You also need to complete an Application Form - here


We deliver 2 hour workshops via Onlinevents and you can find their link below. In these sessions we demo the use of the ChrisLin Method when working with anxiety, shame, boundaries, the Drama Triangle, inner child and many more topics. During the session you have the chance to work creatively with the Method we have developed so you get to experience it for yourself.

Onlinevents: We run 2 hour Workshops every month on Onlinevents CPD platform. Please visit their website for details and to book.  Onlinevents

Creative Counsellors: We run short Workshops from time to time with Creative Counsellors. Please visit their Facebook page for more information Creative Counsellors


Missed a Workshop? Want to learn more about a specific topic? 

Many of our workshops have been recorded and are available on Onlinevents for £9.99. Please see a link below. 

Onlinevents: If you have missed a workshop, you can buy recordings of our sessions for £9.99 via the Onlinevents website here : Onlinevents workshop videos 

Creative Counsellors:  If you are a member of Creative Counsellors Club you will be able to access videos of past workshops in the members area. 


Frameworks are downloadable booklets, and each one describes a creative method designed specifically for working with a certain emotion, behaviour or model. For example, a Framework for working with Inner Child or Shame.


The Framework includes a discussion about the topic, an explanation of our approach and helpful hints about what to look and listen for when clients share their thoughts. 


Within each Framework is:

  • A step-by-step guide to the unique creative method. 

  • Specific Framework Questions designed to help the client dig a little deeper into the topic. 

  • A case study to demonstrate the application of the creative method in a real-life situation so you observe the principles of the method and become familiar with the process. 

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